The Best Broadway Shows to Watch Out for

Plays have brought many genres to light with a mere change in perspective and placement of characters. Life is always turned around to be viewed through grandiose shows from dramatic windows. The ever-growing industry and stage potential have only led to the development of many talents. Broadway is the one place that has prospered for the best over the years. The comprehensive directory of the massive theaters and exclusive shows will provide you with the necessary details to get going on a tour that reveals multiple emotions and layers of society. If you plan to visit New York City in the coming months and have Broadway musicals on your checklist, you must check out all these shows that have been ranked as the best in 2020.

1.      A Christmas Carol

Head to the Lyceum Theatre on December 1 to kickstart the month of chills and Christmas at a ticket price of $89 or more. The 2-hour 15 minutes show takes you through the musical world created by Charles Dickens. There would possibly be no better option for a Broadway musical than the classic work of this author. One of the greatest benefits of this musical is its kid-friendly script that covers various plots with ease and softness. The holiday spirit you were looking for is right here on the stage with the Christmas Carol that runs for eight weeks straight.

Christmas Carol

2.      Beetlejuice

This Alex Timbers musical starring Alex Brightman, Kerry Butker, Leslie Kritzer, and Sophia Anne Caruso first opened on April 25, 2019. The over-the-top version of the story did great justice to the original plot but had a different take, causing many faces to turn over into a grimace. It was the effort put in to not recreate the Tim Burton film that made this musical special. Although you may find a contrastingly stark appearance in the protagonists of the film and the show, they have their own aura that spreads throughout the running time to set the stage ablaze. You can catch this 2 hour 39 minutes musical dramedy at the Winter Garden theatre.

3.      Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of the Temptations

You are in for a great show that teaches you about the legendary RnB themes used in musicals. This opened in the Imperial Theatre on August 31, 2017, and continues to amaze the audience with its unique charm. The rise to stardom of many characters is covered in this story to put on display several emotions. Ain’t Too Proud is a 2-hour 30 minutes show that is now accessible at prices of $49 and above.

4.      Aladdin

This is yet another musical that needs no introduction since it has been a tale even children are familiar with. It opened in New Amsterdam Theatre on March 20, 2014. Experience the love between Jasmine and Aladdin, and witness the magic of the Genie on the stage.

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