Top 3 Broadway Musicals

One of the most daunting tasks for any art-lover when visiting NYC would be to choose a particular Broadway Theater in Manhattan since around 41 options are available. Theater trips will surely bring a lot of joy but have an equal amount of stress in terms of deciding the best one. If you are overwhelmed by the information, you have been gathering about the various shows, finding the best is the only way out. However, if you are new to the world of Broadway Theatres, you need not be concerned because we have compiled a list of the top musicals. Here are the best Broadway musicals of all time.

1.      Hamilton

This is one title that needs no introduction because it has been in the entertainment news for quite some time now. Upon the release of its movie in 2020, people got talking about the value of the content being provided with music. Hamilton turned out to be one of the historic game-changers in Broadway with its premiere in August 2015 at the Richard Rogers Theatre. It seeped into the pop culture to be later adapted in various forms. All of it was created by the musical mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda. This Tony and Grammy Award-winning musical is the story of Alexander Hamilton and his adventures in America. It also covers the diverse caste system that exists in American society with a mix of RnB and Hip Hop. Every ticket booked to this show will never go wasted as it would never disappoint you.


2.      The Phantom of the Opera

If you are looking for a classic Broadway experience, The Phantom of the Opera is the right one for you as it is the longest-running show in Broadway history. This award-winning musical has been scored by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber. It officially opened in January 1988 at the Majestic Theatre. While many other musicals struggled to find a firm position in the theatres, The Phantom of the Opera maintained a fanbase for decades with its production values that never fell short in quality. The story of the musical revolves around three characters- Christine Daae, The Phantom, and Viscount Raoul de. A love triangle that turns out to be disastrous on various levels not only boasts of an iconic titular number but also has great standards like “The Music of the Night,” “Masquerade,” and “All I Ask of You.”

Phantom of the Opera

3.      Chicago

Chicago is one of the longest-running American musicals that officially opened in November 1996 at the Great White Way. Its current home is the Ambassador Theatre, where the show was played in 2003, leading to massive appreciation and a whole lot of awards, including the Tony Award for the ‘Best Revival of a Musical.’ The sexy aesthetic of the musical stands out to attract more people to fixate on every last detail on the stage. This musical is set in 1920s Chicago and tells the story of Roxie Hart, a housewife who turned into a murderess due to various life situations.

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